Virtual Analyst

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Virtual Analyst

Businesses invest in analytics solutions so they can get insight from their data in order to answer business questions and make informed decisions. However most analytics tools don’t really deliver insight, but simply provide the tools needed by analysts and data scientists to extract insight from data.

The Virtual Analyst software is developed specifically to address this, by not just visualizing data but explaining highlights from the analyses in short and long form narratives. The software works on a SaaS infrastructure and mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. With a menu structure developed around various business questions and a natural language user interface to interact with users, answer questions and make recommendations.

With an artificial intelligence layer which uses contextual data mapping and user collaboration features this helps insight delivery across your organisation and answers business questions to support decision making.

The Analyst: How it Works

  • Analyse Data
  • Highlight Insights
  • Answer Questions


Analyse Data

Harnessing the power of the AI Platform’s machine learning and analytical algorithms, the Virtual Analyst is able to easily identify trends, correlations, and anomalies from various data sets.


Highlight Insights

Analyses, facts and insights delivered from the AI Platform is indexed and structured in schema used to create narratives that tells the story around the most important insights.


Answer Questions

With access to the structured facts and insights, the artificial intelligence layer of the system takes into account industry expectations, business objectives and user roles within your organisational structure and interacts with users in natural language answering questions about your data and delivering contextually responses in short and long form narrative, email or chats via the Virtual Analyst mobile apps.

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